One Day Intensives

Jacki Lyden | The Art of the Interview

Award-winning NPR host Jacki Lyden, author of the acclaimed memoir Daughter of the Queen of Sheba, offers a unique approach to writing prose, fiction or memoir: the art of the interview.

Beverly Donofrio | The Art of Crafting Your Memoir

This workshop is for anyone who has the urge to write about his or her life. We will write in class from long-tested prompts that will spark your creative energy.

Lynn Johnston | So, You Want to Get Published?

This interactive workshop led by New York City literary agent Lynn Johnston will help you crack the code on publishing.

Abigail Thomas | Just Get Some Work Done

SOLD-OUT! This workshop with Abigail Thomas will focus on giving writers a larder of material to take home and work with. The assignments will be given in class, read aloud to each other, discussed.

Mini Intensives

Kitty Sheehan | Revise and Edit Your Writing

When it comes to writing, who needs to revise? You do.

Bar Scott | Working with Words (When Words are Scary)

Have you wanted to write memoir? Fiction? Poetry? Lyrics? Have you stopped yourself because it’s scary

Julia Indichova | Birth a Book, Raise Your Voice

This workshop is for anyone who longs to heed the call of the Self that is burning to speak.

Sharon Rousseau | The Haiku Moment: Creating an artistic practice from poetry

What would it take to create a daily artistic practice? How much time, what kind of commitment, what kind of space would you need?