$100-$400 Commitment


As a Bookfest Angel, your sponsorship dollars go directly to feeding and housing our featured writers and artists. Angels make it possible for us to host the broad range of talent for which we are known. As an Angel your name will appear on the Angels page of the Woodstock Bookfest website all year long.


Click here to become an ANGEL.


$500 Commitment


As a Poet, not only will your logo appear on the Woodstock Bookfest website all year long, it will also link to your website. Your logo will be on our bookmark, which is widely distributed before and during Bookfest. We’ll give you a shout-out from the stage at Story Slam, the kickoff event of Bookfest, which is always standing room only. We will also put your marketing materials (postcards, etc.) on the table at all events and include them in the Bookfest goody bags. You are welcome to have other giveaways in the Bookfest goody bags as well.


Email to be a POET.


$1500 Commitment


As a Novelist you will be the sole sponsor of a daytime panel of your choice, plus everything described above. Your logo will be included in every email Woodstock Bookfest sends out. You can tell the audience a little about your business when you introduce the panel’s moderator at your event.


Email to be a NOVELIST.


$2500 Commitment


As a Scribe you will be the sole sponsor of the Friday or Saturday night event, plus everything described above. Woodstock Bookfest will do 3 social media posts about your business. Your logo will be featured on the event page of the Bookfest website, with your business info, as well as on our Sponsor page with a link to your website for the whole year. On the night of your event your logo will be on the stage signage.


Email to be a SCRIBE.