The latest from Woodstock Bookfest!



Thanks for your patience after the wild and wonderful Woodstock Bookfest. It took me a few weeks to gather my thoughts and reflect upon the magical weekend.


We started with our always raucous and wonderful Story Slam, then hosted Masha Gessen in conversation with Mark Whitaker, moved onto our panels: a rollicking fiction panel, a panel on how art saves us in troubling times, music and poetry, Sophie Strand and Holly Whitaker talking about the cost of confession, an uplifting panel about aging, Lucy Sante and Elissa Altman with me for Memoir-A-Go-Go. We had it all!


Every year, I’m so proud of the quality of the programming we bring to the community. This year was no exception. I’m deeply grateful to all who attended our events.


And I’m appreciative beyond words for our sponsors, supporters, and dedicated volunteers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. THANK YOU!


Our tentative date for Bookfest 2025 is April 4-6, 2025.


To continue bringing these exceptional events to you, the Woodstock Bookfest needs your help. I’ll be reaching out to you soon with more information on how you can help keep this unique, fun, and meaningful event going strong.


Of course, that’s way too long to wait for another Story Slam, you say. We got you! Join us for our next storytelling event, at the legendary Maverick Concert Hall in Woodstock, on Saturday, June 22, 2024. The theme is “I never told anyone but….” We’re looking for storytellers, so email me at if you’d like a spot. Newcomers encouraged! Get your tickets now, don’t wait – because you know what happens if you do!


As always, thank you for coming along for the read. I can’t wait to show you where we go from here!


xxoo, Martha

We invite you to take a look at our past Story Slams. So much fun!