The Healing Obituary, a Writing Seminar

Write your own (or someone else’s) powerful obituary

An obituary should capture a person’s individuality, and unique legacy. It’s a story that will be read over and over, by family and friends. When written well, the words help us reflect, remember, laugh, cry, and heal.

In this fun and insightful half-day workshop, Kitty Sheehan, a professional obituary writer, shares some tricks of the trade — the questions that reveal a person’s legacy, what sets them apart from others, and how they want to be remembered.

You’ll shape those answers into a vivid life story worthy of you, or someone you love.

Kitty Sheehan serves as editorial director for the Woodstock Bookfest and is a regular teacher at the event. Her work has appeared in several anthologies, and on Longreads. She edits manuscripts and essays for writers of all genres.

kitty-sheehan-woodstock-bookfestKITTY SHEEHAN

Location TBA
Friday March 27, 2020
12PM – 4PM