You’ll get to do it all…almost. All the panels, the parties, the breakfast. Everything but the One Day Intensive. Then there’s always The Whole Shebang!


When Bookfest’s Martha Frankel and her friend Nancy Caigan went to find a “Woodstock snowglobe” they were shocked that such a thing didn’t exist. So they designed and manufactured these, with a replica of Woodstock’s town green.The perfect gift, the perfect desk accessory, the perfect reminder of our great small town, and a wonderful addition to your holiday shopping list!


Available in Woodstock at Woodstock Design, and in Boiceville at Fabulous Furniture.


The Joyous Lake was the hottest bar in Woodstock NY in the 70’s. Martha Frankel was the 22 year old cashier. Joyous Lake is the first in a series of her Woodstock Chapters.