Sharon Rousseau | The Haiku Moment: Creating an artistic practice from poetry

What would it take to create a daily artistic practice? How much time, what kind of commitment, what kind of space would you need? Sharon Rousseau has found haiku to be both poem and practice, a written snapshot of a moment, a form to document life as it moves quickly.

Haiku offers a way to pause right where we are, within the busyness of our daily lives, to connect with ourselves, the world around us—and just write.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the path of traditional haiku, three lines composed of seventeen syllables, as artistic practice. Through reading and writing haiku, we will find freedom within structure, while leaving judgment and self-criticism at the door.

Engaging with nature and works of art, we will discuss ways that haiku can guide and revitalize the practice of writers, visual artists, songwriters and anyone on the creative path. Join us and write into the moment with haiku.

Participants need to bring a notebook and pen.

Sharon Rousseau is a writer, photographer and poet living in NYC and the Hudson Valley. She partnered with Woodstock Bookfest for the Summer’s End Haiku Contest, and was interviewed on Woodstock Booktalk by Martha Frankel. Sharon’s haiku have been published in The New York Times and in Rizzoli’s NEW YORK CITY HAIKU. Sharon graduated from UNC-CH with a degree in journalism, studied photography at ICP and has taught writing workshops in NYC. She also wrote a haiku every day for one year with journalists and writers as participants in The Haiku Room. Haiku is a cherished part of her artistic practice, influencing both her writing and photography.


Sharon Rousseau

Kleinert/James Center
Friday March 29, 2019
2PM – 6PM