My Body, My Words

Moderated by Amye Archer + Loren Kleinman

As featured in Bustle’s “11 New Feminist Books That Could Totally Change Your Year!”

The war on body image is fought behind closed doors, in dressing rooms, closets, bathrooms, and in the darkest corners of our society. It is a war rooted in self-hatred and self-loathing, born out of the media and pop-culture’s idea of what it means to be beautiful.

Beauty pageants, swimsuit calendars, “thigh gap,” for longer than we care to admit, Americans have allowed our children- girls and boys- to participate in a culture where they are rewarded for how they look rather than their strong minds and hearts. Thankfully, the body positivity revolution has begun.

My Body, My Words is a brand new collection of stories from men and women about what shaped their body image throughout their lives, and how that’s impacted them.

Join our panel discussion hosted by Amye Archer, co-editor, with her co-editor and some contributors to this groundbreaking new book.

Amye Archer, moderator and co-editor’s memoir, Fat Girl, Skinny, was named runner-up for the Red Hen Press Nonfiction Manuscript Award. Follow her on Twitter.

Loren Kleinman, moderator and co-editor, is a writer and poet, a faculty member at New York Writer’s Workshop and a full-time freelance writer and social media strategist.  Follow her on Twitter. 

Kaylie Jones has published seven books, and is the founder of KAYLIE JONES BOOKS, a New York-based imprint that creates a cooperative of dedicated emerging and established writers. Find Kaylie on Twitter.

Eve Fox lives in Woodstock with her husband and two sons, and writes about growing, cooking and eating food for several local publications, and on her blog.

Kathleen McKitty Harris is a native New Yorker whose essays and humor have appeared in Creative Nonfiction, McSweeney’s, The Rumpus, Full Grown People, and Vela Magazine, among others. Follow Kathleen on Twitter.

Kitty Sheehan is an editor and writer from the Hudson Valley, and editorial director and workshop teacher at the Woodstock Bookfest. Follow her on Twitter.

Martha Frankel is the Executive Director and founder of the Woodstock Bookfest. Her weekly radio show, Woodstock Booktalk, is a must.

Abigail Thomas writes books, teaches writing, and loves her dogs in Woodstock, NY. Abby is a beloved participant at the Woodstock Bookfest.


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