Kitty Sheehan | Revise and Edit Your Writing

Revision and editing are the final polishing steps before you submit a manuscript.

If both are done well, your work will have a much better chance to rise above the rest, when it hits the agent’s desk. But where do you start? What are you looking for? How do you decide what to rewrite, what to cut, what to add?

Here are a few skills you’ll gain after your session with Kitty:

  • confidence in your writing voice
  • quick recognition of the “junk” words in your writing
  • how and when to add details
  • using dialogue to move your story forward
  • find your themes and write to them
  • move your content around to tell a better story


Kitty Sheehan edits manuscripts and essays for writers of all genres. Kitty is also a copywriter and social media editor. She founded and directs the Dartbrook Writers Retreat. She serves as editorial director for the Woodstock Bookfest and is a regular workshop teacher at the event.

Kitty’s essay, “The Measure of a Girl” appears in My Body, My Words, Big Table Publishing, March 2018, and her essay, “Irish Wake-up Call” is part of Shades of Blue, Seal Press, 2015.

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Kitty Sheehan

Location TBA
Friday March 29, 2019
9AM – 1PM