Bar Scott | Working with Words (When Words are Scary)

Have you wanted to write memoir? Fiction? Poetry? Lyrics? Have you stopped yourself because it’s scary or you think you’re not good enough or interesting enough or because someone in your life might not like hearing what you have to say? These feelings are common for writers at every stage of their writing life. Bar Scott offers a safe and inspiring place for attendees to dip their toes into the writing they long to do. The focus of our morning together will be to explore the challenges inherent in writing what is most important, and to find the courage to do it anyway. Writers at all stages of their work are welcome—whether writing is new or you’ve written for decades. Come with pen and paper and a hopeful heart.

“Bar’s workshop was magical. She was so generous with all of us, which made for the lovliest setting. I loved our day together.”

— Doreen DeCarolis, after a 2017 Woodstock Book Fest workshop

One-on-one sessions with Bar are available following the workshop. For more information, contact Bar at

Bar Scott is best known for her song writing. She was an ASCAP special-award winner for thirteen consecutive years. In 2011, her memoir The Present Giver was published. Since then she has been the producer and facilitator at the Wet Mountain Valley Writers’ Workshops in Colorado and New York. Her stories have been published by Bacopa Literary Review, The Raven’s Perch, The Sun magazine, Timber Press, She Writes Press, as well as others. She is working on her second memoir about songwriting now.

bar-scott-woodstock-bookfestBAR SCOTT

Location TBA
Friday March 27, 2020
9AM – 5PM